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N. 113 “Denial on the NILE”

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Core Principles

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ConneXions Classroom

START YOUR HEALING HERE ConneXions Classroom is one of a kind online interactive classroom, featuring live webinars, pre-recorded videos lectures, homework assignments, and workbooks to instruct you on a myriad of different topics that all people relate to and are affected by.
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ConneXions Coaching

ConneXions Coaching provides direct, one-on-one or small-group access to Jodi, so you can quickly and accurately apply the principles taught in the ConneXions Classroom.
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ConneXions Community

ConneXions Communities are non-profit programs run by the ConneXions Foundation. Our Communities are forming to give you opportunities to be physically present with one another. Learn more

ConneXions Podcast

Our weekly “radio” show, featuring an in-depth discussion of a different topic every week.  Listen live at 9:00am MT, or catch up on the show archives page. Learn more

ConneXions Workshops

ConneXions Workshops are online “webinars” recorded with a live audience.  Benefit from others’ questions and Jodi’s explanations as you work in your ConneXions workbooks. Learn more

ConneXions Blog

The ConneXions blog features short articles, infographics, videos and diagrams, covering many topics of shame recovery and self-discovery. Learn more

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What Our Clients Say

The training you will receive from ConneXionsClassroom.com is powerful and to the point. Jodi’s passion to help people overcome their personal addictions is second to none. If someone truly wants to change, then this is the course for them. Mark I.

Connexions Classroom workshops and materials have been extremely valuable tools for me. It has given me the knowledge and the step by step help and guidance I needed to understand and change negative behaviors in myself. I am also learning how to interact in an emotionally healthy way with other people including those who have addictive and destructive behaviors. I am very grateful to have found Connexions Classroom. Michelle H.

Finally, someone who can help you deal with addiction by replacing shame with accountability. Linda B.