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Introducing ConneXions Academy, an intensive classroom experience for anyone who wants to master the principles and practice of emotional and spiritual connection—in all types of relationships, be they familial, friendships, or professional relationships.  ConneXions Academy classes are great opportunities to experience powerful validation and connection, while learning life-changing relationship skills you will use for the rest of your life.


Connection 101 (New Students Start Here)

A 8-week introductory class. This class will teach you the core principles and skills necessary to become emotionally connected. Topics include understanding and reframing shame and distorted/false beliefs to move into peace; understanding drama dynamics; learning from triggers; caring for and loving oneself; establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries; learning to let go of control and distraction; and learning to be willingly vulnerable.

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Connected Parenting

The Connected Parenting class is an intensive, 8-week classroom experience for parents!  Master the principles and practice of teaching emotional and spiritual connection.

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Advanced Class

For those who have already completed “Connection 101″ (or are well-versed in the principles taught in Connection 101) and are looking for an in-depth exploration and application of principles of connection.  This class is an ongoing weekly class, offered online only. Each class will cover one book over the course of each month.

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ConneXions Culture (Business)

These are business seminars which are designed to directly focus on working relationships which then transfers to all relationships (marital, friend, cohort, parent to child, ect.). We invite business owners and employees alike to bring this unique and life changing workshop to your place of business. Generally, we will teach one hour for four weeks. We are also adaptable according to your needs and desires.

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Gave me language for my life experience!

Gave me tools—I know my responsibilities

Life-Changing, Clear Truths

Peace & Light

The ConneXions Experience

The Whole Class Was For Me

More Helpful Than 7 Marriage Counselors

Thank You!

For the first time, I realize I’m GOOD!

It was very humbling – Clarity, Truth & Change

Will Forever Change My Relationships

Closer To My Brother Through Validation

Student Testimonials

Before taking the Connexions course, I felt isolated and disconnected from the people that mattered most to me. The relationships that should have been natural and fulfilling felt more draining and took so much work to maintain. And I constantly felt like a victim of so many uncontrollable forces in my life. I was having a hard time finding genuine joy in the people and circumstances around me.

Learning about shame, its powerful hold in my life, and my faulty core beliefs, was one of those once-in-a-lifetime “ah ha” moments. Once you recognize that destructive force in your life, you can begin to combat its hold on you. I have uncovered lifelong patterns of victim thinking, destructive habits, and behaviors that have kept those I care about most at an arm’s length from me. My defenses have started to crumble. I am learning to surrender. And, in the process, I am learning to love and see myself as my Savior and others love and see me. Through that process, I am finding joy in connecting with my family and friends. And I no longer feel like the victim that I once saw myself as. I am finding power in living a more fulfilling and honest life.

I have a long way to go. I have only scratched the surface. But I am so excited by the change I see in myself. I know this material has made a significant difference in the way I relate with my husband, the way I parent my children, and the way in which I reach out to friends, colleagues, and complete strangers. It has made every relationship more meaningful, fulfilling, and important. I see connections all around me now.

Brittney M.

Before this group I thought I had it all together, not perfectly together yet together. Because of what I’ve learned I have realized that my life before group was in all actuality lonely.  I now want to build deep-rooted, rich connections. Because of this group experience my relationship with my husband has changed. We now talk things out in vulnerability. I finally feel safe with him. Because of this group experience my relationships with each of my 5 children have been enriched and insightful. Time and time again I have witnessed the power in validating the emotions they express. Validation softens hearts, it softens the whole situation. Validation facilitates my children feeling heard. I can also now recognize when my children are triggered and recognize some of their shame messages. I feel that I have been able to use it well within my little family, however I’m still struggling with being vulnerable with others that aren’t part of my little family. I have a long way to go and I realize I’m in training wheels and I have no doubt that in time my circle of influence will continue to grow.

I feel like everything I thought made me has been picked apart and I’m struggling trying to figure out who I am now. I thought being invisible and not heard was easier. What I have come to know was that it was a way to for me to distract from feeling the uncomfortable emotions that I felt were coming. I also see now that while it may have seemed easier it created a very lonely life. For me my healing/learning process is happening like peeling an artichoke. I’m slowly peeling away my shame to get to the center of who I really am.

I feel blessed beyond measure to be a part of this group. It has challenged me and helped me to challenge my shame. I feel real connections from members in the group. They have talked me through some dark days. I have been amazed as other group members have called me and I have been able to relate to what they have discussed with me. A lot of times it’s been something that I too have been struggling with. It’s been incredible to talk things out together in a healthy way. The group members have fully embraced all of me. I feel like they are okay with whom I am and have such kindness to want to help me see my full potential. To me this group has been life changing. After each session it’s like my life seems just a bit clearer. Words cannot express the gratitude in my heart for every individual that has helped to make this group happen for me.

Emily J

When I started the Focus Group I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me.  I was taught that if I didn’t behave a certain way I was not being a “good person”.  I realized it was shame.  Because of this group I have learned more about myself and why I do what I do.  Learning about Faulty Core Beliefs, Drama, Reacting, Controlling, Perceptions, Validation, Triggers and how everything connects.

I have been working mostly about not going into drama and reacting mode.  My family has noticed a difference in me.  I feel I am happier and I am able to notice when something triggers me and work through it.  Being vulnerable is difficult because I have never had the self confidence to take criticisim as constructive.  Instead, I have always felt attacked or put down.  I am connecting to  family and friends much better than I had before.  My relationship with my husband has improved.

I still have a lot of FCB to work through. This information was so overwhelming and going through it so fast, I was not able to keep up.   I am taking baby steps working on them.  I plan on reviewing one book at a time and getting more in depth with my feelings.

The people in the group helped me understand how to apply the concepts to myself.  I was also able to see other people admit their problems or issues in a way I could relate to and feel a connection with them.

The one thing I still haven’t figured out is my addiction to food and the FCB behind it.

Thanks for pointing out all my faults that I didn’t know I had….I thought it was everybody else that had issues. LOL

Linda B