Advanced Study


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For those who have already completed “Connection 101″ (or are well-versed in the principles taught in Connection 101) and are looking for an in-depth exploration and application of principles of connection.  This class is an ongoing weekly class, offered online only.  The class materials are the ConneXions Classroom workbooks, available on  The class format is guided discussion, as class participants discuss and apply principles of connection.  Pacing is dependent on class participants, and we study each workbook for as long or short a time as participants desire.  Contact us prior to joining the class to find out which workbook(s) we are currently studying.

Topic (Month of May): Perceptions, Motives & Agendas

Prerequisites: Connection 101 (or equivalent familiarity with ConneXions principles and concepts)

Start date: First Saturday of each month

Time: Saturday mornings 6:00am – 7:30am

Cost: $25 / week, paid monthly

Materials: ConneXions Classroom workbooks & DVDs



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