Choose to Connect!

Choose to Connect!

Disconnection is the spiritual, emotional, societal, familial and even medical problem of our era.

More than ever before:

  1. there are innumerable things to choose among
  2. the “things” clutter our learning and perceptions (our “reality tubes”) and distract our perceptions so we can’t connect with reality
  3. In this state, we never learn to choose wisely and proactively (which is the most-needed skill in our world of choices and options).


More things to choose!

Material prosperity and digital communications technologies make it possible for us to access the very best ideas, information, education and support ever created, as well as the most degrading, destructive, addictive and maleficent philosophies, ideas and information of all time. In our society, we have more money than ever before, more industry, more trade, more products, more services, more education, more athletics, more philosophies, more cultural exchange, more people, more luxuries, more suffering, more violence, more weapons, more knowledge, more science—more choices of all kinds, in all varieties. The speed is accelerated. The volume is increased. The consequences are greater than ever before—in our interconnected world, one person’s decisions can create consequences across cities, states and even nations. The contrasts are sharper, the highs higher, the lows lower, the wealth more luxurious, the poverty more debased, the accomplishments more lofty and the failures more quickly effaced. The buildings are larger, the roads wider, the cars faster and the time shorter than ever before. A person in the modern world can truly choose to become whoever and whatever they want to become; the resources and opportunities are there for the taking. The question is, will the person choose?

Will we choose? On this question everything of importance hangs. Every flavor is available; which will we sip from? The sheer number of interesting, diverting, enticing and exciting amusements of modernity can actually create a problem for us: it’s overwhelming if we don’t know how to choose. It’s possible to spend our entire lifetimes fearing and avoiding choices. When we avoid and fear, it creates inner disconnect and shame (emotional pain). To “medicate” our shame, we must only distract ourselves from our feelings. And if we want to be distracted, all we have to do is stop choosing; instead, we can put our mouths to the spigot of “stuff” and consume it all—suck it all in.


“Downloading” the entire offerings of this world is a sure way to utterly overwhelm one’s capacity to choose. Our free will can become paralyzed.

The defining character trait of our age—the one which determines our health, success and happiness or sickness, failure and misery—is our willingness and ability to make proactive, wise choices; to act, rather than to be acted upon by our world. Luckily, this is a skill anybody can learn. However, the ability to choose requires us to reconnect with self and with God. The only way to do that is to unplug from the world. Give up the feeling of freedom you get by “having it all” and you will have what is best. Give up the distractions of “living life to the fullest” and you will be opened to living life to its greatest. Crucify your fear of choosing, and you will be filled with power, love and capacity beyond your ability to imagine. Block out the noise, be willing to be “weird,” let others judge your choices, and you’ll be able to block out others’ judgments, stop feeling “weird,” and choose with discerning judgment. Disconnect from the world’s distractions and you’ll connect with self and God. Then, when you connect with the world, it will be with boundaries and love. When you reconnect with what you need and want, and what God is telling you, and then you choose accordingly, the offerings of modernity are no longer a burden but a blessing. When we live enslaved, mouths to the spigot, choice is our greatest curse. When we live empowered and discerning, choice is our greatest asset and ally. Anybody can become filled with love. All it takes is choice.

Choice is based on Faith

The choices that create power are choices based on two things: perception and faith. We perceive only our present circumstances, and that according to our beliefs, past experiences, shame, etc. The principle of faith is the principle of action—of believing that future outcomes will be different if we make different choices today. When our perceptions and our faith are in conflict, we must choose according to our faith, not our perceptions. That’s it. All human change, progression, development, character, love, happiness, sobriety, clarity, sanity—even arising from bed each day—stems from the underlying power of faith. Without faith and hope, we are in despair, because faith is the power to choose; when we give up our faith, we give up the POWER (the energy / oomph) to make choices.

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