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Many of us consider the emotion of anger to be bad, and we attempt never to feel angry.  Others of us act out our anger whenever we feel it.  In fact, anger is neither good nor bad.  Like all emotions, it is neutral.  However, anger is extremely important because it gives us information about ourselves and our environment, it alerts us to danger and injustice, and it can help us protect ourselves. The ConneXions Classroom materials about anger are designed to give you access to your full range of emotions, while simultaneously becoming responsible for all of your emotions.

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Fear, like anger, is an incredibly important emotion which protects us from danger and harm.  On the other hand, when our perceptions are based in shame, our fears can become limiting, even debilitating.  The goal of the ConneXions materials about fear is to teach you to recognize how and why you perceive your experiences through a lens of fear and shame.  By learning what “sets you up” to perceive in fear, you will be enabled to change your perceptions and consciously override false fears.

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Triggers are anything which causes a sudden change in emotion.  I can be triggered by smells, tastes, feelings, sights, sounds, emotions, experiences, etc.  Often, triggers produce intense emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, etc.  Triggers, although often uncomfortable, are our allies: if you let them, they will lead you right into the areas of your life where you need healing.

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