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Every human Soul desires connection: connection with self, connection with God or a Higher Power, and connection with others.  True connection means we see, know, witness, understand, empathize with, love and appreciate self and the other person in the relationship.  It means we see one another as we really are and as we really can become.  Spiritual, emotional and physical connection of this type is only possible when both people in the relationship are caring for their own needs and managing themselves by being impeccably honest, rigorously responsible and humble.  When these principles are lived, true connection is the result.

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Sexual connection is considered by many to be the most intimate, intense type of connection we can share in life.  Our sexuality also refers to our roles and sense of self as a man or as a woman.  Healthy sexuality (and a healthy sexual relationship) can only be experienced through consistent honesty with self and others, responsibility for self, and humility and openness.  Without these characteristics, sexual connection does not connect the Souls of the individuals, and the “connection” is incomplete, empty and faulty.

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