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Real, abiding love is unselfish, sacrificing, and desires to give without any expectation or thought of reward or compensation of any type.  Love is safe, trustworthy, consistent, constant, and willing to experience physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort to give to others.  Love facilitates true, honest connection between Souls.  Sharing love and connection back and forth requires both people in a relationship to be managing themselves by being impeccably honest, rigorously responsible and humble.

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Lust is the very opposite of love.  It is corrupted connection.  The focus of lust is on satisfying, “taking care of,” pleasing, titillating or changing the mood of myself.  Lust does not have the ability to be honest or consistent.  Lust is about taking from others our our environments in an attempt to get our own emotional “needs” met.  When I’m in a state of lust, I immediately disconnect from myself, my Higher Power, and from everyone and everything around me.  Lust creates incredible shame, isolation, anger and fear.

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