Episode 6: “The Faulties”

Episode 6: “The Faulties”

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt.

This week, I expand on the idea of The Voice (shame) and introduce the idea of Faulty Core Beliefs — a super important topic. When we feel shame and don’t take responsibility (or don’t know how) to move out of it, we “swallow” impressions that we are different from others, bad, unlovable, unworthy, etc. Our brains try to make sense of why we feel this way, and the results are beliefs about our core person that are distorted, self-aggressive, and flat wrong. As you can probably imagine, these beliefs are quite destructive. So how do we deal with them? That’s the topic for this week.


 In-Depth Study:

See the following materials for more in-depth study of the topics in this podcats


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