Episode 9 – “Control the Fear, Control the Fear, Control the Fear!”

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt.

The real fear is The Voice (shame). The Voice (shame) & faulty core beliefs create all sorts of uncomfortable emotions, such as fear, anxiety, lack of control, confusion, boredom, etc. We attempt to use activities, substances, food, video games, and so forth to distract ourselves from the discomfort. When we distract ourselves or become addicted, manipulative, controlling or dramatic, we are really attempting to control our fear–fear that The Voice (shame) we feel & the faulty core beliefs we hear are true, real and permanent. When we control, it is evidence that we have bought into the lies of The Voice (shame).


 In-Depth Study:

See the following materials for more in-depth study of the topics in this podcast:



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