Episode 12: Empathy – Spiritual Medicine

Episode 12: Empathy – Spiritual Medicine

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt.
Empathy truly is spiritual medicine. The act of empathy is an act of validation and pure love, where we say to another person, “I see you. I know who you really are. You matter. I understand how you feel, and why feel that way, and it makes sense.” Empathy means letting go of oneself and experiencing another person’s emotions with them. How do we develop, give and receive empathy? It requires vulnerability and a willingness to risk emotionally with another person. Empathy is a skill, and anybody can learn it if they are willing to be vulnerable, humble, and emotionally honest and responsible. In this episode I talk about what empathy is, how we develop the skill set to give and receive it, and what incredible healing power empathy has for any human soul.


 In-Depth Study:

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