Episode 13: Vulnerability, Validation & Risk

Episode 13: Vulnerability, Validation & Risk

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt.

The act of empathy comprises three vital principles of emotional and spiritual intimacy in relationships: vulnerability, validation and emotional risk.  Validation is the skill of being emotionally present with another person, of dropping self and experiencing emotions of another person for a time, to accurately see and understand and empathize with them.  Vulnerability is the act of being emotionally open, raw, and willing to share oneself.  Vulnerability is vital in order to allow self or others to validate us.  Vulnerability requires us to risk emotionally–to put oneself in a position where we could suffer pain, upset, discomfort or hurts.  We must learn to risk in healthy, conscious manners, rather than in unconscious and unhealthy manners.  Healthy emotional risk is absolutely necessary in order to create any type of intimate relationship with self, other people and God.  These three skills create empathy, which creates intimate, strong and stable connection and healing.


 In-Depth Study:

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