Episode 16: The Healing Balm of Self-Forgiveness

Episode 16: The Healing Balm of Self-Forgiveness

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt.
Many of us struggle to forgive ourselves, even after we “clean up” or make right our mistakes with all others who have been affected.  We may feel not only that we did wrong, but that we are bad.  This The Voice (shame) precludes us from feeling guilt, offering forgiveness and experiencing a change of heart.  Choosing guilt, repentance and forgiveness rather than The Voice (shame) will alleviate and protect you from suffering.  Forgiving self is very challenging.  In this podcast, Jodi walks through the process of recognizing, forgiving self and moving on.  This process allows us to experience a change of heart, which is permanent change.


 In-Depth Study:

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  1. So in this process of repentance and forgiveness, when the offender is not repentant, it is my obligation to learn how to forgive them, which doesn’t mean I will have a connecting relationship with them. Forgiveness is my obligation. It is still a process I have to go through even if the perpetrator is not engaged in this process? I just wanted some clarification.


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