Episode 26: Drama

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt

This episode is part 1 of a 2-part series about drama.  See episode 27 to learn how to exit drama and live in true connection and inter-dependency.

Drama is a strategy we all use to attempt to connect with others.  However, when we are in drama, we are lacking in responsibility for self.  Instead, we want others to be responsible for us, and/or we want to be responsible for others.  In this episode, Jodi explains the three positions or “characters” of drama: the victim, the rescuer and the persecutor.  Whether or not you realize it, you (and everyone else!) have an intimate relationship with all three characters—they show up in many of our relationships.  Being conscious about drama empowers you to choose proactive and conscious choices about how you will relate with yourself and others, and to create deep, true connections.


 In-Depth Study:

See the following materials for more in-depth study of the topics in this podcast:


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