Episode 31: Manipulation (Part 2)

Episode 31: Manipulation (Part 2)

Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt

This episode is part 2 of 2 on the topic of manipulation.  Listen to part 1 >

Manipulation is something we ALL use, and we all need to become awake to, in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  In this episode, Jodi explains how to recognize manipulators (those who live a lifestyle of manipulation, as opposed to occasionally manipulating).  Manipulators groom victims using several strategies, including indulging the person, using fear or intimidation tactics, attempting to break the person’s spirit, showing “loving” gestures in order to get what they want (such as sex), behaving in very grandiose or arrogant or pompous manners, or even behaving as though they are victims, so others will feel sorry for them.

Manipulators also change the meanings of words and re-define what they said previously.  If you feel “crazy,” the chances are high that you are being manipulated.

If you recognize manipulation within yourself or coming from your relationships, seek the help of a therapist or a healthy individual who can be unbiased and truthful with you and help you to see the Reality.  When manipulation is not challenged, it will not leave a relationship.


 In-Depth Study:

See the following materials for more in-depth study of the topics in this podcast:


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