Episode 104: “Cleaning Up” Victim, Baggage & Your History (Part 2)

Episode 104: “Cleaning Up” Victim, Baggage & Your History (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a Three-Part series.

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Hosted by Jodi Hildebrandt.

You can’t change the past, yet how do you “clean it up,” “make it right,” or change your present day and your future—so that the mistakes, poor decisions, and failures of your past do not dictate your present-day choices?  How do you process and move through the trauma and emotions that have occurred in your past?

Some people call it repentance.  Others call it a change of heart.  Some call it surrendering, and others, changing your mindset.

In this episode Jodi explains the core principles that govern this process of learning from and “cleaning up” the past, to gain freedom and connection in the present.

 In-Depth Study:

See the following materials for more in-depth study of the topics in this podcast:


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