Introduction to ConneXions Communities

What is a ConneXions Community?

A ConneXions Community is a freely available support group made up of others in your geographical area who are also learning and applying the ConneXions principles.  Groups will consist of fully-trained moderators as well as new ConneXions learners.  Community meetings are opportunities to be validated and supported by others, as well as to teach, validate and support others as they learn and apply ConneXions principles.

EVERYBODY needs support.

ConneXions Community is a “laboratory” to practice, learn and teach the principles taught in the ConneXions Classroom.

ConneXions Communities are non-profit programs run by the ConneXions Foundation.  Our Communities are forming to give you opportunities to be physically present with one another. To have full human connection: physical, emotional and spiritual. To have people to sit with us while we grieve and process our experiences. To allow others to look into our eyes and tell us the Truth. And to have the empowering experience of giving those things to others.



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