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“I’m convinced that this message is the core of company culture. Its good people that make a great company culture. The more we can work on ourselves and self-reflect/self-correct the stronger we will be as an organization. I’ve hired the authors of Crucial Conversations in the past to help with company culture and they point out that if you can control your emotion and be calm while stating your questions/concerns/opinions you will be able to communicate much better. Jodi’s message helps you understand HOW to do that.”

 -Johnny Hanna



People want two things when they work: to feel Safe and Appreciated. We, at ConneXions Culture, realize that many businesses struggle with creating and providing a healthy company culture, not because they don’t want to, rather because they don’t know how to. We also recognize there are companies that thrive in connection. 



Our training helps cement even better relationships, promoting an even healthier work environment. ConneXions Culture teaches the “how to” of creating and maintaining a solid company culture. Our message is centered on connection. Our message for your company culture is simple. 

Simply, we teach how to live in Truth, which is:

  1. Impeccable Honesty
  2. Rigorous Responsibility
  3. Humility

As each member of your company lives in Truth, Safety and Validation will be natural byproducts. And your productivity will accelerate tremendously.


Why Culture Should be Important to you:

Company culture is directly related to success and productivity.  Here are some impressive results conduced by world renowned companies who focused on the correlation between happiness and productivity.

    300% more innovation (Harvard Business Review)

    43% more productivity (Hay Group)

    37% increase in sales (Shawn Achor)

    33% higher profitability (Gallup)


    50% less safety incidents (BMC)

    51% lower turnover (Gallup)

    66% lower sick leave (Forbes)

    125% less burnout (Harvard Business Review)



We teach four key workshops which have been specially tailored towards creating connection inside business culture: 1) Truth & Distortion, 2) Communication, 3) Drama, 4) RAISE (the process to leave distortion and enter into Truth). Each workshop will be taught for one hour, once a week, for four weeks.

Jodi Hildebrandt will be presenting this life changing material. She has been teaching for 20 years as a mental health therapist/expert on human connection. Individual patients pay $175/hour. However, for businesses we have a special offer:

1-10 People  – $400/hour     ($1600 for 4 weeks)

11-30 People  – $800/hour     ($3200 for 4 weeks)

31+ People  – $1200/hour   ($4800 for 4 weeks)

Each member will receive a 90 page booklet covering, in detail, each principle taught. Free podcasts, which have over 400,000 downloads in 24 countries, will also be available for additional instruction and support. The vision is, that through education each person will be given the best opportunity to improve their life, which, in turn, will enhance business yield.

This will not simply be another lecture to sit through. Real and lasting change will come as each individual realizes how these principles will not only change their work style, it will change THEM. By focusing on improving relationships within your organization, you will improve quality of work and quality of workers. Again, connected people are what make organizations thrive.

 We invite you to listen to Podcasts 70, 74, and 119. You will then understand what, how, and why we teach: Honesty, Responsibility, and Humility is the key to Connection.


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