About Us

Addiction is not the problem; addiction is a symptom of the underlying problem.

The Challenge

The modern world suffers from many maladies, and most are symptoms of a single underlying problem.  It’s been called various things by different civilizations.  We call that problem disconnection.  Disconnection allows us to objectify other human beings.  From this sole source flow dishonesty, depression, enmity, envy, hatred, greed, jealousy, neglect, violence, fear, fraud, lust, abuse and an avalanche of methods by which we take advantage of one another.  Ironically, we emotionally disconnect as a protection mechanism, attempting to avoid pain and suffering.  Most of us are completely unaware of our own disconnection.

Those who endure the greatest dysfunction, disconnect and abuse often become the most vulnerable and disconnected members of society, passing shame and disconnect on to the next generation, as it was passed on to them.  Those most in need very often have the least access to help.

Our Vision

We believe that cost need not be a deciding factor in the help available to any individual.  Any person who actively applies the Truth about connection—connection to God, self and others—will become free from shame, addiction and destructive behaviors.  Every person must have access to the Truth and the necessary tools.

Our vision is a world in which every person is taught the skill set necessary not only to consciously recognize disconnection, but also to consciously create strong bonds of emotional connection with self, others and God.  To this end, we have created an extensive, intensive and well-tested curriculum which teaches the great power of choice in terms of honesty, responsibility and humility.  We have established an online Classroom to provide low-cost instruction in our curriculum, and we will soon launch non-profit ConneXions Community to provide live support groups, free of cost, to those who are practicing the skills of connection, honesty, responsibility and humility.

3 Core Principles

Honesty > Responsibility > Humility > 

ConneXions is built on 3 core principles: emotional honesty, personal responsibility and humility.  These principles are the recipe for reconnecting to ourselves, to others and to God.  Although these three principles are simple to understand, living them requires a great deal of consistent work, close mentoring, frequent validation, constant accountability, and bonded relationships of earned trust and safety.