Humility is the recognition of who I am: capable, miraculous, limited, in need of others, in need of help, and so forth. Humility means I am willing to take feedback and correction without shaming myself. Humility includes an openness and willingness to ask for help when I need it. In other words, it means acknowledging and fostering my ability to be emotionally vulnerable and open with other people (who are safe). Humility is prerequisite to emotional honesty and personal responsibility.

When a person lives a life of humility they are full of gratitude, pure love, wisdom, compassion and emotional and spiritual sight towards self and others.  They know how to emotionally connect with the human race, and they share that connection in deep and profound ways.  When you interact with a Soul who lives in humility you are affected by their power for good and their light of compassion and love, and you are forever changed because of their wisdom and generosity of spirit.

Humility Means:

  • Being open & willing to interact with myself and others, and being willing to learn, change, develop and mature, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.
  • Adherence to commitments, my own morals, laws, covenants, etc.
  • Faith to trust God or my Higher Power and appreciate all that I have been given.  Faith includes relinquishing (surrendering) my belief that I should or can control everything (and/or everyone) in my life.
  • Modesty in language, tone, attitude, attire, sexuality, presentation, etc.  Modesty includes simplicity, discreetness, purity, quietness, reticence, thoughtfulness and reverence.
  • Respect for myself and others.
  • Becoming aware of my unawareness:  Living in the present moment and being open to feedback, because I recognize I am imperfect, limited / human, and I do not have all the information.  I recognize that I may be perceiving experiences in faulty or incomplete ways.
  • Vulnerability: To recognize where my limitations are; to acknowledge my humanness; to allow myself and others to risk and be exposed with me; to know I am in a safe place physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.
  • Meekness:  Teachableness and willingness to recognize when I need support; willingness to ask for help.  Also, wisdom to know when not to give feedback (when it’s not asked for).
  • Submission of my will to someone else’s:  Giving the “steering wheel” of my life to someone else for a period of time so they can teach and share with me something that I want or need to know, which will benefit me.

The Attributes of Humility are:

  • Love (unconditional)
  • Desire to support and help others
  • Acceptance of personal limitations & weaknesses, in myself and others.
  • Self-awareness & willingness to look at self
  • Gratitude
  • Curiosity and a willingness to be taught
  • Seeing a “Big picture”:�� A view of my environment and situations—not focusing on a single perspective of the situation or the environment
  • Connection to others and self:���� Sharing empathy, validating and being vulnerable, emotionally & spiritually
  • Recognizing my own vulnerabilities; validating myself and others
  • Recognizing my own and others’ boundaries, and honoring and respecting the other person, their boundaries, and myself.
Living humbly creates an experience of personal freedom—freedom and liberation from the illusion of being in control of my external world, and from the illusions of hatred and bigotry.  Humility grants me the opportunity to live in a space of internal awareness of my motives, expectations and perceptions, so I may learn how to respond to my environment in mature and emotionally sophisticated ways.  Emotional and spiritual sophistication and maturity mean, for example, I can show humility by validating a person in their particular position (whatever it may be), while remaining connected to my own moral and value system, and while holding boundaries for myself.  Being able to strike this balance in every aspect of my life requires a great deal of personal awareness and emotional maturity. In humility I am able to be transparent and share openly with myself and others.