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The Addiction Cycle

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Addiction follows a cyclical pattern. This cycle is driven by shame and results in ever-increasing shame and self-loathing. This series of videos describes the patterns & drivers of addiction, and provides a framework for thinking about how to help loved ones with addictions.

This series centers around what drives addiction, and conversely, what motivates people to change. These crucially important topics must be understood in order to help oneself and loved ones become free from addiction.

This course includes:

  • 7 video segments:
    1. What is Addiction?
    2. Addiction is a False Solution
    3. The Core Problem
    4. Emotional Honesty
    5. Addictive System
    6. Three Keys to Healing Addiction
    7. Choice: the Fourth Key
  • Total video run-time: 68 minutes
  • Homework activities

This course discusses the following topics:

Part 1: What is addiction? What can you be addicted to? Why do we become addicted?

Part 2:

  • Why is addiction so difficult to stop or change?
  • What motivates a person to change?

Part 3:

  • Why is lying connected to addiction?
  • Why is addiction such a problem?

Part 4:

  • The great need for emotional honesty in any addiction
  • What is emotional honesty?
  • Consequences of emotional dishonesty

Part 5:

  • Details about the addictive system
  • Faulty Core Beliefs
  • Distorted Reality
  • Addictive Cycle
  • Pain & Shame

Part 6:

  • How to heal addictive behavior

Part 7:

  • What is “addictive thinking”?
  • The power of choice: Escape from addictive thinking

Shame vs. Guilt

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Shame is the driver of all destructive behaviors. Shame motivates us to fear, hide, keep secrets, and to feel unworthy, unlovable, and/or not enough. It causes us to go into denial, and not be able to see the reality of our experiences. It causes us to engage in various forms of depression, self-destruction, and damage to others. It drives addictions of all types. The core concept of shame will prepare a foundation for all the other ConneXions© lectures to build upon.

This course includes:

  • 12 video segments:
    1. Toxic Shame: General information and role-play examples
    2. Humility (Healthy Shame)
    3. How Toxic Shame Traps Us
    4. Toxic Shame in Detail
    5. Sources of Toxic Shame: Internalization
    6. Sources of Toxic Shame: Abandonment & Abuse
    7. Reflective Mirroring
    8. Other Sources of Toxic Shame
    9. Healing Toxic Shame
    10. Guilt
    11. Truth
    12. Guilt is the Opposite of Shame
  • 20 role-play videos demonstrating the principles
  • Total video run-time: 115 minutes
  • Homework activities

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The drastic difference between shame and guilt
  • Why guilt is good, necessary and constructive, while shame is dishonest, self-defeating, and destructive.
  • What we commonly feel shame around.
  • How to break out of shame-based thinking.
  • How to respond to shame messages.
  • How to respond to guilt. Appropriate responses to guilt are quite opposite of appropriate responses to shame.
  • In the associated homework activities, you’ll have the opportunity to do some self-analysis and find out how shame affects you personally. As you see shame for what it is, you will gain power to overcome it.


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