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This course looks at the concept of “boundaries” in 5 short lecture segments. After each lecture, you’ll be asked to do various activities to internalize and apply the concepts taught in each segment.

Boundaries include internally-motivated moral constraints, external rules, social expectations, laws, and any other internal or external demarcation that defines us as individuals.

This course includes:

  • 5 video segments:
    1. Boundaries, Growing up, & Bill of Rights
    2. Internal & External Boundaries
    3. A Visual Model for Boundaries
    4. Safety & Intimacy
    5. Final Thoughts
  • Total video run-time: approx. 20 minutes

This course is intended for anybody who:

  • Feels guilty when advocating for themselves
  • Has unresolved trouble in any relationship and does not know why or how to handle it

Part 1 includes:

  • Why are boundaries important?
  • How do we develop boundaries?
  • Why do we need to maintain boundaries?
  • What happens if boundaries are not created or maintained? (Monumental confusion results)
  • You’ll also learn about your own boundaries in the form of rights as an individual

Part 2 is a discussion of internal and external boundaries, and how we can appropriately and wholly connect with other people by establishing and maintaining boundaries.

Part 3 explains how we differentiate ourselves from others & stay connected to them. This section includes definitions and discussions about healthy boundaries, intimacy, and why we need intimacy in our relationships.

Part 4 examines the ideas of safety & intimacy in greater detail, along with their natural opposite, “undefined boundaries.”

Part 5 discusses why boundaries are needed in relationships, and how good boundaries create closeness.

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