Control vs Surrender Workbook


See full description below.  Controlling behaviors are based in fear, and they discourage all who participate in them. Surrender and powerlessness are vital principles of love empowerment. This workbook will walk you through your personal process of surrender.

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Product Description

Who is that person in your life who seems to want to control you? Perhaps it’s a parent or sibling. Maybe it’s one of your friends. Maybe it’s even yourself! Why is it so easy to slip into controlling behavior? And how do we manage and change it productively? This workbook will give you more understanding about what control means, why we control externals, and how to accurately recognize and change controlling behaviors.

Controlling behaviors are based in fear and shame. Controlling behavior is a mechanism to cover things up—to compensate for how we feel internally. In reality, we control externals (people, things, etc.) in an attempt to control our own uncomfortable emotions. Fear is powerful, and for that reason, control is alluring.

Surrender—the opposite of control—is a principle of power. It means surrendering the illusion that you can control outcomes, or anything else outside of yourself. Surrender is based in emotional honesty – the recognition of reality. As paradoxical as it seems, control begets weakness while surrender builds great strength. This course will give you specific techniques and steps to assist you in the process of surrendering your control, thereby deepening your connections to yourself, others, and God.

This workbook includes:

  • 13 “Sessions” (60 pages):
    1. Why we Control
    2. Examples: Controlling Behaviors
    3. Honesty & Safety vs. Control
    4. Continuum of Control
    5. Control Mechanisms
    6. Fear & Control Cycle
    7. Surrender
    8. The Process of Surrender
    9. Surrender & Self-Care
    10. Characteristics of Control
    11. Self-Reflection: Surrender
    12. Surrender in Detail
    13. Choosing to Surrender
  • Many real-world examples of control and surrender
  • 19 homework activities (137 pages)
  • Supplemental diagrams (20 pages)
  • Total: 224 pages

In this workbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why all of us attempt to control
  • Why control is disabling, damaging and harmful
  • Where we learn controlling behaviors
  • Why so many of us struggle with control
  • How honesty begets safety and trust, and how control destroys all of these
  • What control mechanisms look like, with examples of how and why they are frequently used:
    • Avoiding
    • Dominating
    • Narcissism
  • What surrender is, and what it means to surrender
  • Why surrender is healing
  • How to step through the process of surrender – this takes knowledge of the process, consistent effort and honest introspection
  • Details of surrender – common misconceptions and pitfalls
  • What it means to be powerless, and why this is another paradoxical principle of love and empowerment

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