Healthy Sexuality & Connection Workbook

Healthy Sexuality & Connection Workbook


This book will help you understand the different aspects of connection and how to identify each one.

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All of us need to connect with other people for many reasons and purposes. We share our thoughts & experiences with other people in order to validate and empathize and share love one with another. Connection is necessary and required for our spiritual and emotional development. Connecting to others requires thinking and knowing our own boundaries. We must know how to set boundaries, determine the level of consciousness and emotional safety of ourselves and the people with whom we interact, and build trust in order to fully connect with self and others.

We can connect with self and others in multiple areas:

  1. Connection of Spirit
  2. Sensual Connection
  3. Intellectual Connection
  4. Physical Connection
  5. Sexual Connection

In this workbook, you’ll learn about:

  • Emotional Honesty & Connection
  • Connection to Self, Others & God/Higher Power
  • True vs. False Connection
  • Feeling vs. Being Connected
  • Choice & Connection & Self-Assessment
  • Sexuality
  • Attachment & Emotional Abandonment
  • Disconnection
  • Objectification vs. Connection
  • The Power of Connection, Attraction & Sexuality
  • Assumptions about Sex & Sexuality

“Homework” exercises include:

  • “Know Thyself” (Accurately) & Love Thyself
  • Surrender
  • The Processes of Repentance & Forgiveness
  • Spiritual Connection to Self
  • Insecurities (Real Love vs. Fantasy)
  • How I Connect to Others
  • Consequences of False Connection
  • Sexual Addiction Recovery
  • My Co-Dependency & False Connection
  • Connection Self-Assessment
  • Feeling vs. Being Connected
  • Choosing My Character Traits
  • My Sexual Connection
  • Understanding My Sexuality
  • Gratitude Journal Responses to Trauma, Resentments & Expectations
  • Trauma & Disconnection
  • My Objectifying Activities
  • How I Objectify Others
  • Objectification & Emotion
  • Fantasy & Reality


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