Love vs. Lust Workbook


The Differences Between Love and Lust

This book is going to talk frankly about the differences between lust and love, and many of the characteristics that animate and activate the existence of love and lust.

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Love and Lust are two opposite things. They should never be mistaken with each other. Love is about giving while lust is all about selfishness. Love focuses on caring, giving and loving someone and not wanting something in return. Love is the purpose and design of our existence. Being loved and feeling love for self and/or from another are as vital to our spirits as air is to our physical bodies. Love is about intimacy, respect, and morality, Lust, on the other hand is entirely contrary to love. Lust is a complete focus on the self, driven by selfishness, objectification, fear, shame, impulsivity, deception, and gluttony. When someone chooses to lust, they are not respecting self or their relationships. When you choose to lust, you can betray anyone you’re with.

The purpose of this book is to support you to have more awareness and education to better and more thoroughly comprehend the difference and distinguish between the language of lust and the language of love and be able to appreciate the nuances of healthy and unhealthy connection, desire, arousal, sexuality and sensuality.


In this workbook, you’ll learn:

  • General Definitions of Love & Lust
  • Areas of Connection
  • Types of Love & The Purpose of Passions
  • Lust in Our Modern World
  • Why Lust Is Destructive
  • Lust & Women
  • Lust, Pornography & Neurochemistry
  • Lust Is Not Solely Sexual
  • How Lust Speaks, Lies and Traps Us
  • Examples of Lust
  • Real Examples of Loving vs. Lusting
  • Lust, Shame & False External Worth
  • What is Love
  • Accurate & Authentic Empathy (Love)

In this workbook, you’ll also have the chance to do the following homework exercises:

  • Truth-Telling about Lust
  • A “Spotlight” on Lust’s Consequences
  • The Desire to Love or Lust
  • Judging (Love) vs. Being Judgmental (Lust)
  • What is Sexual (Lusting/Fantasy) Addiction?
  • “Selfies”
  • Excuses for Lusting
  • Love & Lust in Media
  • Emotions Drive Lust
  • Desires & Roots
  • Areas of Connection & Attraction
  • My Desire to Connect
  • Healthy Sexual Connection
  • Types of Love
  • My Passions

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