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The term “trigger” refers to any event, emotion, or experience that the brain connects to a past experience, and then alters one’s emotional and/or mental state in response. None of us has a completely trauma-free life. All of our experiences, positive and negative, are stored in our minds and bodies, even if we can’t readily “remember” them. The mind uses past experiences to interpret the present and respond in pre-set ways. These patterns form “triggers.”

Addictions, shame-based habits of thought, and all destructive behaviors reinforce negative triggers. When new events activate these triggers, we are enabled to either react unconsciously and reinforce the destructive behaviors, or to see the trigger as a warning sign and make a conscious choice about our behaviors.

The great thing about triggers is that as we become conscious of what is happening, our triggers will show us the areas of our lives that are afflicted by past experiences that need to be addressed, validated, and healed. If we choose, triggers can give us opportunities throughout our lives to recognize and heal the hurts and traumas we all experience.

This course includes:

  • 4 video segments:
    1. A Definition of “Triggers”
    2. How Triggers are Created
    3. Illustrations & Examples
    4. Categories & Purpose of Triggers
  • Total video lecture run-time: approximately 20 minutes

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why we must become aware of our triggers
  • What kinds of things can trigger us, and exactly what “triggers” are
  • Emotional, sensory, and situational types of triggers
  • How triggers are created
  • Why and how they manifest in our daily lives
  • How to utilize triggers as powerful tools to find and heal past hurts
  • Many great examples and some humorous stories that illustrate what triggers do and how powerful they are

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