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The Power of Connection

True connection generates incredible energy for good. Connection is necessary and required for our spiritual and emotional development. When we are connected, we are spiritually and emotionally conscious. Being truly connected with myself creates internal feelings of safety, emotional honesty, personal responsibility, compassion, validation, stability and trust towards myself and with God or my Higher Power.

When I am in a relationship, I want to form connection with the other person so we can experience mutual understanding, empathy, steadiness, peace, honesty, safety, trust and joy with one another. True connection embodies impeccable emotional honesty, rigorous personal responsibility and humility. Connection is what we are really seeking when we fall into fear, addictions, codependency/care-taking or other destructive behaviors.

The Power of Connection

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Emotional Attachment, Abandonment & Addiction

Emotional attachment is critical in a child’s life. Children (and all people) must be attached to an individual who is consistent, compassionate, boundaried, honest, validating, and who allows the child (person) to be vulnerable and express their feelings, whether those feelings appear to be accurate or not, desirable or not, enjoyable or not. If a child or person doesn’t form an attachment or bond to someone who displays these characteristics of emotional safety (i.e. to a person who is emotionally available), the child or person will not be connected, attached or bonded to anyone, which will create emotional consequences for the child/person.

Emotional Attachment, Abandonment & Addiction (PDF)

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What is Emotional Honesty?

Connection cannot be forced, manipulated, coerced, threatened, bought or ransomed. Connection is a natural response, an outcome to, a by-product of, a consequence of, honesty, responsible and humble (integrity) choices which create in the soul of the individual, a pairing with 1) God or a Higher Power, 2) oneself, and 3) another. Connection is not discovered or something you “run into” or arrive at—-connection is a fruit of the seeds of emotional honesty, rigorous responsibility and humility. As you learn to nurture these seeds (honesty, responsibility and humility) in you, you will live and be fully present in the experience and space, and breathe the air of connection.

So how does one nurture these seeds of honesty, responsibility and humility?

What is Emotional Honesty? (PDF)

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