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ConneXions Classroom is one of a kind online interactive classroom, featuring live webinars, pre-recorded videos lectures, homework assignments, and workbooks to instruct you on a myriad of different topics that all people relate to and are affected by. The conneXions Curriculum has been costume-tailored by professionals to support you on specific process of recovery and for self-improvement for yourself and your relationships. The courses are open to anyone who’s interested in additional information about any of the topics.

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Online Workshops

We have developed interactive online workshops to help you apply the principles of connection taught in the workbooks and DVDs. Join these live interactive meetings on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Ask questions, get answers, and have a really enjoyable time.

Workshops are in webinar format. Recordings are freely available.

Online Video Courses

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New Online Classroom Experience
Soon, you’ll be able to access the ConneXions DVDs and additional materials in an online classroom format.

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ConneXions Classroom Podcast
Recorded Saturdays at 9:00am MT