Disconnection is a toxic state of the Soul and mind, opposite to connection.  When a person is disconnected, they are “unplugged” emotionally, from everything and everyone around them.  A disconnected person thinks only of self and is unable to empathize or create intimacy, safety, trust or love with self, others and God or a higher power.  Disconnection is the result of shame and faulty core beliefs which tell a person they are bad, unlovable and unworthy.  Because these statements are lies, whenever we believe them, we “split” from ourselves (our Souls), because we are fundamentally beings of connection and Truth.

When an individual chooses to be emotionally vulnerable and share their shame messages and faulty core beliefs, that individual can receive validation and reframe their disconnecting beliefs in the Truth.  Through empathy, validation, accountability, honesty, responsibility and humility, that individual will become connected and whole.

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