Distractions form a vicious cycle in our lives.  Whenever we are faced with a task, situation, relationship or event we do not want to “face” or “deal with,” we are prone to distract ourselves with another experience which is more pleasurable or less painful.  This pattern of distraction from unpleasant realities is known as addictive thinking.  Every person on the planet does this; it is a human universal.  The key is to become conscious and aware of when you go into distraction, so that you can get out of it quickly.

When we remain in distraction, it forms a vicious cycle; the consequences of avoiding uncomfortable or painful realities are nearly always moreuncomfortable than the original realities we were avoiding.  When we come out of our distraction, we must still deal with the original situation, and our distraction often creates complications or additional outcomes which are also very uncomfortable.  Thus, when we distract ourselves from discomfort and/or pain, we set ourselves up for more discomfort, more pain, and thus more distraction.

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