Entitlement is the attitude that says “the world owes me something.”  When I am entitled, I expect that others will be responsible for my happiness, my emotional comfort, my physical comfort, etc.  Entitlement is a co-dependent attitude of “you owe me” or “you must do for me, to prove your love” and “only then will I give to you.”  When I do “give” to others, my “giving” is filled with expectations of self-benefit in return.  When I am entitled, my “love” is full of greed, anger, jealousy, lust and most of all, shame and fear.  I believe I am inadequate, unable to stand alone, and I perceive challenging circumstances as threatening.

When entitlement becomes severe, I lose control of myself; I do not manage or take responsibility for my thoughts, my feelings or my choices.  I behave in out-of-control manners and hurt my relationships, especially with my loved ones.

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