Every person on the planet has expectations.  We expect to have a place to live and food to eat.  Many of us expect to be healthy and to have loving relationships.  Many of us also expect electricity and running water without a second thought.  We expect that there will be gas at the gas station, that we will have steady employment and be paid on time, and so forth.

There are literally millions (if not billions) of expectations each of us can have.  Expectations are healthy.  However, we are responsible to meet our own expectations, and when we cannot do so, we are responsible to surrender the expectation.  This means we do not have permission to blame others for anything.  We do not have permission to hold resentments.  If we are not aware of our expectations, however, we will develop resentments when they are not fulfilled.  Therefore, we are responsible to learn about and become conscious of our expectations, and manage them, meet them or surrender them.

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