The willingness to forgive is a spiritual leap of faith.  When I feel offended and/or have been abused, wronged, misunderstood, labeled, judged, falsely accused, gossiped about, etc., it takes a strong and mature Soul to forgive.  But remember, forgiveness is for me!  The purpose of forgiveness is to get the toxins and hatred out of my Soul so I can be free of the shame, anger and resentments I feel so entitled to carry around.  It is erroneous to believe that if I stay angry and resentful, I will protect myself from ever having “them” hurt me again.  That is a lie.  The Truth is, by carrying shame, anger and resentment with me, I make myself more vulnerable to additional pain and hurt entering into my system and accosting me.  I need to let go of the illusion that “they” have hurt me.  Remember: they have no capacity to access me (the Soul); they only have power and influence to affect my body, my environment, my circumstances, etc.  I must learn to let go and surrender the emotional reaction I have to the “illusion” of what someone has done to me.  That is what true and complete forgiveness is about.

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