Gratitude is a doorway into Truth, and it is also a choice.  When I am grateful, I see the sacrifice, work and love others perform in my behalf.  I surrender my expectations and resentments and recognize that all I have is a gift.  I live in the Reality that I am powerless and have no control over anything but my thoughts/perceptions, emotions and choices/behaviors.  Other than these things, the Truth is that I live out of control.  When I accept this Truth, I can live in gratitude to self, others, and my God or Higher Power for the gifts of life, and all that I see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel emotionally, all that I receive and give spiritually, all of my relationships and every facet of life.  Rather than control, I can surrender, accept and be grateful for.  Through gratitude, I glean wisdom from my experiences and create depth and clarity within my Soul

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Choice, Empathy, Love, Surrender

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