Repentance is the process of returning to the Truth about self, others and God or your Higher Power.  Repentance is a vehicle to make you aware or conscious of something you have behaved, said, felt or thought that was/is caustic, disconnecting or destructive towards yourself and/or others.  Repentance allows you to heal yourself and come again into the Truth and Reality of the distortion that the transgression or offense created.  Repentance is the ability to “make right” for yourself and others what you have advertently or inadvertently done that you consider wrong or inappropriate, and to acknowledge and “fix” the emotional, physical, financial and other damage that was done by the indiscretion.  Repentance is the capability to humble yourself to: 1) acknowledge that you have offended your own moral, ethical, or belief system (or that of someone else), and 2) desire to correct your errors in efforts to offer healing to yourself and other(s).

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