Being truly selfless is an emotionally and spiritually mature lifestyle.  To be selfless, we must practice self-care, which means taking complete responsibility to nurture ourselves emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. and to care for our needs, wants, and so forth.  Once we are cared for by ourselves, we can genuinely give to another.

When we love in this selfless manner, our love is pure, without any grasping or desire to “get” from another.  To be selfless, one must possess self-mastery and be in control of one’s desires.  Then, when selflessly giving, you will not “need” or want anything in return.  You will want only to give.

This type of life is available to every person, young or old, regardless of background.  There is a process of surrender, humility, self-care, honesty and responsibility which must be engaged, and selflessness is the outcome.

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