The term “trigger” refers to any event, emotion, or experience that the brain connects to a past experience, which then alters one’s emotional and/or mental state in response. Triggers often cause sudden and dramatic changes in emotion.  For example, I can be triggered into intense emotions such as fear, anger, blame, resentment, sadness, shame, etc.  None of us has a completely trauma-free life. All of our experiences, positive and negative, are stored in our minds and bodies, even if we can’t readily “remember” them. The mind uses past experiences to interpret the present and respond in pre-set ways. These patterns form “triggers.”

The key to understanding triggers is recognizing that they are not “bad” and they are not here to hurt you or others.  A trigger is the mind and body attempting to communicate with you.  If you will become conscious of your triggers and ask curious questions such as “Why am I feeling this way?” and “What is causing me to react in this manner?”, you will quickly develop awareness of yourself and create wisdom inside of yourself.  You will be empowered to change your own thinking and behavioral patterns.  Triggers are your allies!

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