Using ConneXions in Your Practice


Who is ConneXions For?

The ConneXions programs and materials are suitable for use by therapists, coaches, HR professionals, religious and spiritual leaders, parents and anyone else who leads a group of people.


3 Simple Principles:

Impeccable Honesty >Rigorous Responsibility >Humility >

Are you looking for ways to give additional service and truth to your clients and/or community, to support healing? Do your clients need additional support, individually or in a group setting? Our mission at ConneXions Classroom is to educate the world in principles of Truth which heal addictions and all types of destructive behaviors, by healing the soul of the individual, which is suffering from shame and disconnection. Personal honesty, responsibility and humility heal the soul.  Our commission is to make these truths available to as many people as possible, as rapidly as possible.

A complete and intensive set of workbooks, DVDs and online courses, addressing key components of healing shame and all types of destructive behaviors

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One-on-one and group coaching for individuals, groups and families, as well as training for therapists, corporate leaders and organizations.

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Our non-profit sister organization, which provides low-cost and no-cost opportunities for individuals to obtain education, support, validation and accountability.

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A weekly dose of healing principles, and a great way to familiarize yourself with the ConneXions principles and approach to healing.

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Finally, someone who can help you deal with addiction by replacing shame with accountability!

Linda B.

Connexions Classroom workshops and materials have been extremely valuable tools for me.  It has given me the knowledge and the step by step help and guidance I needed to understand and change negative behaviors in myself. I am also learning how to interact in an emotionally healthy way with other people including those who have addictive and destructive behaviors. I am very grateful to have found Connexions Classroom. 

Michelle H.

ConneXions Materials

ConneXions is a thorough, complete adjunct to your therapy, which approaches behavioral and psychological issues through spiritual education based on 3 core principles: teaching individuals how to be impeccably honest, rigorously responsible and humble. These principles of integrity are principles every human being needs to learn in order to be spiritually and emotionally healthy.

ConneXions includes educational materials (workbooks & DVDs) on a wide range of topics, including addiction recovery, recognizing faulty core beliefs, overcoming shame, dealing with anger, fear and anxiety issues, setting and keeping boundaries in relationships, addressing codependency, and developing healthy sexuality and abiding love in place of lust and selfishness. Free webinars are also available to thoroughly introduce individuals to the principles in the workbooks and DVDs. Each of the ConneXions materials was created to give individuals and families tools to reconnect spiritually and emotionally with themselves, one another, and God, through integrous living.

Individual, group & facilitator coaching — for those in need of further support, we offer individual and group coaching, to provide individuals with validation, honest feedback, and guidance to apply principles of impeccable honesty, rigorous personal responsibility and humility. We also offer training and coaching to therapists, counselors and religious leaders who are utilizing the ConneXions materials.

Coaching and teaching is available for corporations and other organizations looking to instill a sense of mission and purpose, and increase productivity, communication and bonding/connectedness among their leaders, employees and teams.

Nonprofit Communities (Group Support)

ConneXions Communities are a great way to serve and support members of your practice and your community. These non-profit groups are an excellent forum for group members to give one another spiritual and emotional support by giving honest feedback to one another, to serve one another as all members practice applying principles of integrity and Truth to heal from traumas, addiction, anger, fear, anxiety, depression or any other issues they are facing. The purpose of the group is to instruct, validate and provide accountability for each member. Groups are led by volunteer facilitators, and there is no cost to join. If you are interested in facilitating a ConneXions group, or joining one as participant, please contact us for more information. If any of your clients would like to facilitate or join a group, please have them contact us as well.

Free Resources

Our mission is to educate the world in principles of Truth which heal shame, selfishness and fear (and therefore heal addictions and any form of destructive behaviors). To that end, we have developed other resources to supplement and support therapy and coaching:

ConneXions Classroom Podcast — Every Saturday morning, we broadcast a new episode of our podcast. We spend about 45 minutes each week discussing principles ranging from overcoming shame or addressing drama in your relationships, to principles of addiction recovery. Topics of past episodes include the fear cycle and the affects of fear; the difference between sobriety and recovery; vulnerability, validation and emotional risk in relationships; the power of humility; surrender; the power of perceptions; how to give and receive empathy; emotional safety; the nuances of connection, attraction, lust, love and sexuality; and the healing of self-forgiveness. All podcasts are a free service to support anybody who desires to live a life of emotional and spiritual connection.

ConneXions — contains a growing library of information, including the ConneXions podcast and blog, which contains articles and info-graphics designed to direct readers to emotionally and spiritually reconnect with themselves and their Higher Power.

Online Workshops — In order to support individuals as they learn principles of connection, we offer recorded and live “webinar”-style workshops, where we guide viewers through each ConneXions workbook, give real-life examples, answer questions and empower students to apply principles of Truth in their lives.