Recovery Workshop

Addiction by Shame, Recovery by Choice

A Crash-Course on Shame & Addiction for Religious Leaders


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Date: July 2, 2014

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm MT

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This crash-course on shame and addiction will provide you with powerful paradigms and teaching tools to inoculate your congregations against the malignant, addiction-causing effects of shame, and to support those who are struggling with addictions.  Because pornography is such a problem in so many families and so many congregations, we will spend significant time talking about pornography and lust addiction in particular.  Protect your people from the pernicious effects of pornography and other addictions by learning where addictions come from and why so many of us hang on to our addictions.

Addiction by Shame

Addictions are motivated and fueled by shame, which is the voice that tells you you’re broken, unlovable, not enough or uniquely better than others.  Shame drives you to compare, and leaves you empty of all love and self-respect.  Shame begets self-hatred, entitlement and hopelessness, which make up the soil in which addictions grow.

Freedom Through Choice

Whereas shame wants you to feel hopeless, stuck and trapped, there is another power which will free you from addictions, addictive thinking and shame.  That power is choice.  You must learn how to choose consciously and proactively.  And you must practice making difficult choices.  Learning this skill will mature your soul, improve your psychological, spiritual and emotional health, enable you to form stable relationships, and heal your shame. This online workshop will help you kick-start your journey to harness the incredible power of choice that is within you.  You may not yet feel the power of choice, and you may be unable to access its full potential, but the power is within every human soul.  We can teach you to unlock it.


Jodi Hildebrandt

Jodi Hildebrandt

ConneXions Coach

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Supporting Curriculum

In this workshop, we will make use of the following ConneXions Curricula: