Drama, Co-Dependency & Boundaries

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The trauma of shame and chaos of addiction produce several damaging side-effects. Relationships are afflicted with dramatic contention. In desperation, we make others responsible for our wants and needs. We might feel guilty when we advocate for ourselves, or we may feel that we’re being walked on or feel out of control or overwhelmed in our relationships. This 6-week workshop series is for those who attended the Shame & Addiction workshop previously. This series builds on the foundational concepts of shame and the addiction cycle by concentrating on a range of issues that surround and support shame-based behaviors and addiction.



While dramatic exchanges can be entertaining from a distance, when we are involved in them, they sap our energy, take us out of reality, distort our perceptions of situations and experiences, cause us to feel victimized and/or justified in retaliating, and block us from forming strong bonds with others. Drama prevents true and deep peace from flowing into our lives. Drama promises an “easier” way to connect with other people and ourselves, but these connections through drama are false. Every time we base relationships on drama, it pulls a “bait-and-switch” on us: the love and connection we sought is replaced with anger, frustration, shame, betrayal, hatred and injury—which we participate in.


Drama is an intimate language, and we all speak it fluently, We engage in dramatic exchanges and patterns because we deeply desire to connect with other people. However, the mechanism called drama will preclude us from making the very connection we seek.



Co-dependency includes many different outward behaviors, but at its core, it is an unhealthy attachment to people and/or things. It is an absolute reliance on anything (such as people, food, power, anger, drugs, sex, video games—anything) to “make” you feel complete. You must become attuned to co-dependency in your own relationships and root it out. The principles in this workshop series will enable you to more quickly and accurately assess the reasons behind your choices. This portion of the workshop is extremely important for those with loved ones who have addictions or other destructive behavioral patterns.



In every relationship, boundaries differentiate you from the other person. Boundaries are “rules of engagement” for the relationship. They appropriately separate you from others. Paradoxically, boundaries increase your ability to share true love and deep connection with others. Relationships without boundaries, like water without a container, always flow to the lowest possible point, creating conflict and turmoil.


This online workshop will be Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm;
it will run from September 10th through October 15th.
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Jodi Hildebrandt

Jodi Hildebrandt

ConneXions Coach

System Requirements

  • Mac, Windows, Android or iOS device.
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • High-speed Internet Connection

Supporting Curriculum

In this workshop, we will make use of the following ConneXions Curricula:

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