Past ConneXions Classroom Workshops

In-Depth Workshops.

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Workshop recordings are an excellent introduction to ConneXions Classroom, as well as extremely beneficial as companions to the corresponding workbooks and DVDs.  Workshops were recorded during the end of 2013 and early 2014. 

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Workshop Series

Shame, Addiction, Faulty Core Beliefs & Denial

 Drama, Co-Dependency & Boundaries

Anger, Fear, Triggers, Control & Surrender

Special Workshops

Addiction by Shame, Recovery by Choice

(July 2, 2014)

This 1-hour workshop was especially for ecclesiastical / religious leaders and family members of those who have addictions.  We talked at length about where shame originated and how to help an individual recognize it.  In this workshop, we discussed the concept of shame from an explicitly religious context.

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Fear: The Final Frontier

Every one of us experiences fear.  A faulty perception leads to shame and fear based on things that are not the reality of our situation.  When we perceive and experience fear in these manners, we are shackled and disabled rather than protected from real danger.

In this intensive, information-packed webinar, you’ll learn how faulty core beliefs (shame) drive so many of our faulty (toxic) fears.  You’ll learn practical strategies to overcome fear by recognizing its true (and faulty) underlying causes.  Once you identify it, you have power to change it!

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